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Our technicians will go to discuss with you according to your actual needs and the proposal will be offered once the requirements are further identified. The development can be conducted once the contract is signed.

Special test equipment to ensure factory specifications

Each formula product for the customer is tested by the special test instrument under the stimulated stringent conditions of the customer's on-site environment so as to ensure to meet the required specifications. The products will also be measured and inspected regularly with customers when they are officially shipped out of the factory, so as to ensure the operation is in good condition. The remaining service life of products will be predicted and the renewal time will be advised according to the customer's on-site features and our accumulated measurement data, so as to ensure the zero risk for the customer.

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Due to the complicated process in the semiconductor factory and that the wafers should move frequently and accurately among the workstations of the process, therefore, the rapid and stable automation system has become an important indicator of production efficiency. Additionally, because of the needs of the uninterrupted operation in the production line all year round, the load wheel on the transportation equipment is a very critical consumable material, which should fully meet customer's requirements for an ultra-long and continuous operation and the ultra-low wear required for precise position of the equipment. Our core competence in materials is utilized to develop products to meet our customers’ needs.

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