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More than a decade of scientific and technological cultivation, along with a development team serving international large factories on a long-term basis, coupled with local resources, our company facilitates the solutions for you. Thinking outside the box, avoiding industrial framework. Easy to use, infinite benefits.

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​2018 07

With the growth of the enterprise, it is necessary for our colleagues to improve their skills. Therefore, this time we specially invited [Li Hequan, General Manager of Super school] as a lecturer at the consensus camp of the company this year. The dynamic high-energy challenge activities and the instructor's technical guidance allows us learn efficiently and reflect on the past, through which we will further modify the current state. The systematic learning module enables colleagues grow further so as to keep up with the growth of the enterprise.


​2018 09

The "SEMICON Taiwan 2018" is an annual event of the semiconductor industry in Taiwan, where most the world's top semiconductor technology manufacturers gather. It is the best platform for you to acquire the industry trends, know about the latest technology and build a business network, which links IC design, manufacturing and equipment materials. We look forward to seeing you at 1F-I2000 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from September 5th~7th.


Job-site safety and quality

With the ISO 45001 certification-the international safety quality management system accreditation; the quality of project implementation brings you more confidence.


Member of SEMI

As a member of SEMI, we share the same vision with you, giving a new impetus to the science and technology industry.



Full-time protection of E-Chuck from erosion in the manufacturing environment, prolonging service life of the device,  effectively improving overall production efficiency; the rapid installation with ergonomic design; special angles supplemented with installation fixtures. X-Guard is the indispensable key accessory to the etching area.

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Condensation happens during process. A large number of condensate accumulates in the vacuum pump, which will disrupt the production. Sustainable and efficient production is an important need for our customers, which propels this key product.


The vacuum pump is the most key factor in improving the efficiency of the reaction chamber in the production. ISO-EASE can keep the production uninterrupted.


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